February 21, 2017

Why Us?

Why should your small business want Vidjaa.com?

Why start Vidjaa? As a small business owner, I know first-hand the challenges in running a business, serving customers, and planning for growth. Adding Digital Marketing tools to your business is always a good idea.

But how to choose what tools to use? Digital marketing has been a major focus for me over ten years: teaching it at the local university; consulting; learning; trying to figure out digital marketing out for my company, Ebookmarketingplus.com LLC.

I could not find a digital marketing resource focused on small business owners. There are lots of help if revenues are rolling over $1M - ad agencies, consultants, and big software companies are standing by if you meet their minimum monthly spend. But if you are small? Nada.

That's why I started Vidjaa.com - a place for other small businesses (like mine) to get going on digital marketing.

-Butch M. Sarma

Small Businesses

Vidjaa.com is built for the small business where the owner is hands-on. Really hands on. Revenues are less than $1m and you have fewer than 20 employees. Time is short and ambition is high.

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is now everywhere. Facebook ads, reviews, a website, email marketing, are choices owners have to make on where they spend their time.

Product review sites with ads. News sites with lots of ads. Social media ads that look like news. Emails overwhelming your inbox from marketing technology companies. How to choose marketing technology tools that will help your business grow?

100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

If you feel that like Vidjaa did not deliver valuable content that will help your company, just let us know.

Vidjaa is a small business owner doing digital work since 2007 who knows your average day is long with no time for traditional marketing classes. Vidjaa is available 24/7 for free.

No paid product reviews.
100% satisfaction guaranteed.

Because digital marketing should be something that every owner can do.