February 11, 2017


Keeping You Updated

8 May 2017
Look for our affiliate program this month.

1 May 2017
Vidjaa is open! Thanks to all who tried us out during the beta and shared feedback. We really appreciate it!

20 April 201
The e-commerce product reviews website is live. This site is part of the Ebookmarketingplus.com LLC group. See it here.

24 March 2017
All SSL issues are now resolved. Welcome Android phone and tablet users!

]17 March 2017
Technical update: Our technology team is working on the SSL issue. Depending on how much basketball we watch this weekend it should be fixed soon.

If you are logged into the site, everything is secure and ok to use.

15 March 2017
Vidjaa.com is in beta!
Selected LinkedIn groups have been invited.

1 March 2017
Our interns Raha, Suganya, and Steve are really fantastic!