Part 2-setup email

Part 2 of our marketing automation series is about email. Typically, the first and best focus for a small business is to build a tribe of fans using emails. Why focus on emails? Because the best business strategy is to focus on the assets that your company owns, such as your logo, brand, products, real estate, and emails. Why is email an asset? Emails are from people that have opted-in to receive marketing messages from your company (or purchased goods or services). In a sense, they are warm leads. Because sending emails is almost free, having a large email list is an easy way for a company to boost sales. Having lots of emails increases the value of your firm!


Sending emails requires a tool like Zoho mail. You will also need a CRM tool like MailChimp to manage emails while complying with US SPAM laws, which allow people to opt-in, unsubscribe, and control emails being sent to them. If you want to add cool pictures to your emails, then consider Canva, as it is easy to use and free!

email draft in MailChimp

Drafting an email using MailChimp

Let’s assume your marketing automation includes collecting emails and sending the new prospect an automatic reply or “welcome email”. Drafting your welcome email, the subject line needs to be interesting and gripping - remember that in today’s world, a lot of marketing material is ignored so you need to inspire the client to open it. The email copy needs to be written in the same ‘voice’ as your website and other business materials (i.e. lawyers might be very formal and a campus sub shop might be using a casual style). If the brand includes pictures, make sure that you own the rights to the images or paid for them from a site such as iStock or Dreamstime. Any links in the email need to be checked twice, first on a desktop PC and then on your smartphone to ensure they run smoothly and lead to the correct page. Once you have the email ready, send test emails to yourself to see how they look on desktop PCs, laptops, and mobile devices.

And finally, I recommend using Grammarly to draft the text of your email: it checks spelling and offers basic grammar advice. Such mistakes may not seem important but they can be quite detrimental to the effectiveness of your marketing.

Example mobile device email preview below

email example from an iPhone

Having emails ready to go is an easy way to begin marketing automation. Next in our marketing automation series is Part 3 set up a landing page.

Part 1-overview and prep

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