How to add your company to the Vidjaa directory

How To Add Your Company To The Vidjaa Directory

NOTE: This feature has been removed from Vidjaa's member area as of April 2018. 

The Vidjaa directory is included with our Silver and Gold plans. You can see our membership plans here.

Why should your company be listed?

  • SEO
    • Search engines will crawl the website and note the content of the Vidjaa directory.
    • This adds your listing to your overall “score” with Google and Bing.
  • Get new customers
    • Other Vidjaa members can search a category and see your listing. 
    • Think of the directory as free advertising that works 24/7.
  • Build a small business community
    • Directly message other business owners through the Vidjaa directory.
    • Forums are a great place to ask questions or answer them!

Step 1: Login to your Silver or Gold account

Vidjaa login Silver or Gold

Step 2: Click on the "Business Directory" from the member's menu

 Vidjaa directory search

Step 3: Create a listing in the Vidjaa directory


Vidjaa business directory nav

Step 4: Select your category

From the drop down, please select your business category.

If your category is not shown, please choose “General” and write us on the Support form to suggest a new category. If we add it, we will update your listing to the new category.

 Vidjaa business directory category

Step 5: Add your listing information

The short and long descriptions are your chance to tell your company's story. What makes you unique? What markets or regions do you serve? Are you the premium provider or compete on value? (Note the “Business Tags” designate the regional area your company operates in, or whether it is national or international) Note the * for required fields. Everything else is optional.

Vidjaa directory data1

Vidjaa directory data2

Step 6: Add your logo and other images

Please add your logo. Other images could be the front of your business, major signage, the menu or signature meal.

Vidjaa directory images

Step 7: Submit the listing

Vidjaa submit listing to directory

Step 8: Vidjaa Approvals

Please give us one business day to approve your directory listing. While your listing is pending, feel free to search the directory.

Note: Vidjaa reserves to exclude or edit listings for any reason. See our terms and conditions

Vidjaa directory search

Step 9: Success!

What your listing will look like.

Vidjaa directory success

Thank you for submitting your company to the Vidjaa directory!

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