Getting paid for your online sales in India

In a previous newsletter, we describe how Vidjaa is planning online sales of digital products in India. Why India? The middle class in India is booming and small businesses are thriving. As competition moves to digital platforms, we expect Small to Mid-sized Businesses (SMBs) to begin using digital marketing. Question: How does Vidjaa get paid? Read more about Getting paid for your online sales in India[…]

Hiring college students for digital marketing

Since I work at the business school in a local university, a common question that I get from small business owners is hiring marketing staff. They usually want these criteria for part-time help: 1-College students work for free (no pay) that need experience, and 2-Manage social media. In today’s business environment with full employment, most Read more about Hiring college students for digital marketing[…]

What no one tells you about. One year of running a website for a small business.

What no one tells you about. What is it like to run your company’s website for a year? As a national DIY digital marketing learning website, my experience is probably typical. If your website targets a specific city or region, the effort level may be easier. You may even get by without a website like Read more about What no one tells you about. One year of running a website for a small business.[…]

Interview with VeteranCrowd

Bob Louthan, CEO VeteranCrowd, interview Announcing a new Veteran led business conference!   Robert P. Louthan is Founder and CEO of VeteranCrowd. A 1982 graduate of VMI, and a 1986 UVA/Darden MBA, Bob has over 35 years of business experience, including over 23 years in Venture Capital, Private Equity, Mergers and Acquisitions. Commissioned a Combat Read more about Interview with VeteranCrowd[…]

Part 6-Digital ads to generate website traffic

Part 6-Digital ads to generate traffic Digital ads and other advertising for small business serve to build your brand, generate awareness and spur demand. There are many DIY digital platforms for advertising such as Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, among many others. Legacy or traditional advertising in the Yellow Pages, newspapers, magazines, billboards, radio, and TV Read more about Part 6-Digital ads to generate website traffic[…]

Part 4 Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)

Part 4 Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) A brief recap: with our plan, emails, and landing pages all set up, what should your company do with the emails and data that has been collected? How can this data be effectively used? A sales-focused database to support the goals of the company is called a Customer Relationship Read more about Part 4 Customer Relationship Manager (CRM)[…]

Part 3-setup a landing page

Part 3-setup a landing page The third part of our series is the landing page. With a solid plan and working email, we can begin to collect emails and information. This element in marketing automation is a special (and perhaps the most important) page of your website, focused on achieving one thing – acquiring emails, Read more about Part 3-setup a landing page[…]


Part 2-setup email Part 2 of our marketing automation series is about email. Typically, the first and best focus for a small business is to build a tribe of fans using emails. Why focus on emails? Because the best business strategy is to focus on the assets that your company owns, such as your logo, Read more about Email[…]

Marketing automation

Basic Marketing Automation for small business Marketing automation is the technologies used to support your company’s marketing goals that run 24/7 and include automated responses. Examples of marketing automation include collecting emails from a landing page after a prospect clicks an ad or automatically sending new customers the latest quarterly newsletter when you get their Read more about Marketing automation[…]

Digital Marketing Strategy

Why have a digital marketing strategy? I was asked about creating a digital marketing strategy recently at a local accelerator here in Richmond, Virginia. As a marketing guy, I get a lot of questions that are mostly tactical or technology related. This one was strategic and I replied that the digital marketing strategy is developed Read more about Digital Marketing Strategy[…]