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Digital Marketing Strategy

Why have a digital marketing strategy? I was asked about creating a digital marketing strategy recently at a local accelerator here in Richmond, Virginia. As a marketing guy, I get a lot of questions that are mostly tactical or technology related. This one was strategic and I replied that the digital marketing strategy is developed Read more about Digital Marketing Strategy[…]

Every business needs a process

Every business needs a process to fuel growth Recently I was at lunch with a friend who is the CEO of a trucking software company and he described how many customers lack a business process to manage their companies. He stated that his company’s software would serve as the controlling business process. What keeps many Read more about Every business needs a process[…]

Veterans get Gold

Veteran business owners are free on Vidjaa! Thousands of small businesses are owned by veterans in America. Vidjaa was founded by a US Army veteran, so we are paying it forward. Vidjaa is the digital marketing e-learning site for small businesses. Vidjaa is focused on the IT and Value Added Resellers (VARs) segments where the Read more about Veterans get Gold[…]

Happy 4th of July!

Today Vidjaa members can pay using Bitcoin! Independence from credit cards! Many small IT and Value Added Resellers (VARS) are using Bitcoins in their company, so we decided to make it easy for them to pay for Vidjaa just like their customers. Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies are growing in popularity and users. Vidjaa is first Read more about Happy 4th of July![…]

How to add your company to the Vidjaa directory

How To Add Your Company To The Vidjaa Directory The Vidjaa directory is included with our Silver and Gold plans. You can see our membership plans here. Why should your company be listed? SEO Search engines will crawl the website and note the content of the Vidjaa directory. This adds your listing to your Read more about How to add your company to the Vidjaa directory[…]

The Vidjaa small business of the month is Access Technology of Richmond, Virginia

The Vidjaa small business of the month is Access Technology of Richmond, Virginia May 2017: Access Technology Quote “As my company shifts toward providing more Internet, TV, VoIP and hosting services, not just to property owners, but other companies, we wanted to refresh our website, improve our lead generation and social media presence” said Ken Read more about The Vidjaa small business of the month is Access Technology of Richmond, Virginia[…]

Paid reviews

Small businesses, paid reviews and the Federal Trade Commission   Bad reviews can drop web traffic, slow down online orders and keep shoppers out of the store. It’s a well-known problem. Many companies are tempted to “buy” good reviews. Even Amazon has a problem with fake reviews; recently they sued over 1,000 people for posting Read more about Paid reviews[…]

Deliberate Learning

Deliberate Learning Fake news flash! The agrarian schedule for education that caps at 16 years (bachelor’s degree) is sufficient in a world where knowledge is rapidly expanding. Really? There are people that believe they are done learning with a tassel shift on graduation day from college. For a moment, let’s consider deliberate learning.  ‘Deliberate learning’ Read more about Deliberate Learning[…]

Why start Vidjaa? Our infographic #1

Why start Vidjaa? Our infographic #1 We wanted to show an infographic that describes the reasons why we started Vidjaa. From the 2012 US Census, we know there over 5.4M small businesses in the USA. 100% want to be successful. Most will use some kind of marketing to announce their Grand Opening, new products, or Read more about Why start Vidjaa? Our infographic #1[…]