Paid reviews

Small businesses, paid reviews and the Federal Trade Commission   Bad reviews can drop web traffic, slow down online orders and keep shoppers out of the store. It’s a well-known problem. Many companies are tempted to “buy” good reviews. Even Amazon has a problem with fake reviews; recently they sued over 1,000 people for posting Read more about Paid reviews[…]

Deliberate Learning

Deliberate Learning Fake news flash! The agrarian schedule for education that caps at 16 years (bachelor’s degree) is sufficient in a world where knowledge is rapidly expanding. Really? There are people that believe they are done learning with a tassel shift on graduation day from college. For a moment, let’s consider deliberate learning.  ‘Deliberate learning’ Read more about Deliberate Learning[…]

Why start Vidjaa? Our infographic #1

Why start Vidjaa? Our infographic #1 We wanted to show an infographic that describes the reasons why we started Vidjaa. From the 2012 US Census, we know there over 5.4M small businesses in the USA. 100% want to be successful. Most will use some kind of marketing to announce their Grand Opening, new products, or Read more about Why start Vidjaa? Our infographic #1[…]