October 13, 2017

Access Tech VoIP

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VoIP flat-rate monthly plans by Access Technology

Access Technology has been providing IT services to small businesses for over 20 years. Based in Richmond, Virginia, they provide flat fee VoIP services to small companies, resort hotels, apartment buildings, colleges, and non-profits. Access Technology's commitment to customer service means their technical staff answer calls. Their support to the RVA music scene is demonstrated by providing technology to Brown's Island summer concerts, the Richmond Jazz Festival, and the Folk Festival.

Ebookmarketingplus.com LLC, the company that owns Vidjaa has been using Access Technology's VoIP service since the summer. We love the free iPhone app that allows us to work calls while out of the office! Access Technology uses the VoIP technology by 3CX, a leader in VoIP PBX technologies. Managed in the cloud, Access Technology's staff can quickly configure your VoIP phones as you add staff and new locations. Flat rate monthly plans start at $30 per month!

Free 1 week trial!

Access Technology will send you a VoIP desk phone for a free 1-week trial. This phone is fully functioning and ready for local and long distance calls. You will hear the clear call quality and see the easy to use features in your office.

VoIP app for smartphones

To get your 1 week VoIP phone trial please send us your name and email. Hurry this offer ends soon! 


    • Includes a smartphone app
    • Unlimited long distance included (USA and Canada)
    • No contract, month to month service
    • Many advanced features like video conferencing, chat and recording
    • Local numbers and toll-free numbers are available


    • Low fixed monthly pricing starting at $30 per month
    • Fast setup
    • Easy to maintain: You do not need a technician to move a location or change a user.
    • As your organization grows, it is easy to add new users. There is no wait time for the phone company to come out and install new lines.
    • All the usual telephone system features are supported such as welcome messages, hold music, search for extensions, etc.
    • Forward calls to field staff: It is simple to forward incoming calls to field staff’s cell phones.
    • CRM connections: Many CRM tools will support inbound call ID record lookup which improves your sales and allows support teams to know who they are talking to.

    VoIP desk phone


    Note: Access Technology's flat rate VoIP plans do not include the phone handset. Most companies get their 3CX compatible VoIP handsets on Amazon for less than $125 per phone. 

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