October 14, 2017


Vidjaa's Preferred Partner Network

Advertise on Vidjaa. Select advertisers have several options to share their message with the Vidjaa audience and membership. The Preferred Partner Network (PPN) by Vidjaa gives your brand access to high-quality small business owners learning more about digital marketing. The Vidjaa site balances content and ads to give users a quality e-learning experience. We do not use a CPM model (impressions served) for pricing, but rather a fixed fee per month. We are looking for brands that focus on small businesses. We do not use Google’s AdSense or other ad serving networks giving Vidjaa full control of the user’s experience on our website. Note we do not accept ads from any companies or products that we review.

Vidjaa’s target audience

Small business owners under $1M in revenue with than less than 20 employees and interested in digital marketing. 

PPN Display advertisements

Advertise your brand with display ads. We have a public side and a member side. The public side is a responsive site that with two ad placements. The member site is behind a login has several ad positions. Here is an example ad running on the Vidjaa PPN.




Advertise in member emails and newsletter

Vidjaa can send co-branded emails to our members. We occasionally send co-branded emails to our members. Advertise on Vidjaa's quarterly newsletter. Given the high-quality membership of small business owners, our marketing emails can deliver results to your campaign.

PPN Content Sponsorship

Vidjaa has numerous PDFs available for members to download. These are available for sponsorship.

Email us to get more details and pricing.

Ebookmarketingplus.com LLC, the company that owns Vidjaa, may reject any advertiser or specific ads for any reason. 

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