February 1, 2017

About Us

Knowledge in India is Vidya. Yes in Germany is Ja.

Vidjaa is the stylized combination of that positive attitude in the search for digital marketing knowledge.
Butch M. Sarma is the founder of Vidjaa.com. He is a small business owner, university instructor, and lover of digital technology. His father is a noted scientist, engineer, professor, and author of Hindu Mythology books. His mother was an entrepreneur from Germany.

Butch lives in Richmond, VA, with his wife and daughter.

You can view his LinkedIn profile here.

Vidjaa's Editor

Raha Waheed Vidjaa Editor

Ms. Raha Waheed, from the United Kingdom, is Vidjaa’s editor. Given her academic training and considerable writing experience, she is a wonderful addition to the team. She also a talented designer and has greatly improved the Vidjaa network websites. She has visited the US many times and has worked in small businesses in the Bradford, UK metro area.

How are we different? No compensation for product reviews! When websites offer software product reviews and they show ads, you have to wonder - we always do. Vidjaa.com is an information business and we do not get paid to review software. However, in the normal method that we work, we will use a free trial or use an evaluation code to review the software. If Vidjaa.com (the business) uses the software we will always inform you.